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Our mind is important.  We take it for granted, but in order for us to accomplish anything, we must control our minds.  I know you have heard that a mind is a terrible thing to waste.  This true statement.  Clearing our brains is one way for us to not lose our heads. The month of November we will find ways to keep our heads attached to our bodies during the holidays.


Each day you need to write down everything that is on your mind.  You should divide your paper into three columns.  The first column header should be named “Thought”.  The second column name should be named “Plan”.  The last column should name “Date”.  When you get any type of thought.  Jolt it down.  In next column, jolt down how you are going to fix this problem.  In the last column, put the date that you want to accomplish fixing the problem.



Every week do something for yourself.  It does not matter if you take a ride, go to a bar, attend a game, or sit or read a book.  All that matters is that you are doing something that you enjoy.  Make sure you give yourself a break every week.  Do not miss your appointment of enjoyment time.  During this time do not think of anything during your break.  If any thoughts enter your mind, take some deep breaths, and get back to having fun.


I cannot stress how important meditation is for your brain.  It does not matter if you meditate once a day, a week, or a month.  The most important point is that you do.  You can meditate while you are sitting, in the bed, or taking a bath.  I have stressed over the past 20 months that meditation can help save our life.

You will not be an expert on clearing your mind at first.  You will have to keep practicing writing, having fun, and meditating to become an expert.  The less clutter your carry in your brain, the more you will concentrate on the moment.  When you concentrate on what is going on now, the more you will enjoy the little things that are important in life.


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