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I attend the Charlotte Auto Fair on April 9, 2016.  I was so excited because I have never attended a car show before.  This one was a great ice breaker because it was so big.  I saw so many cars that I wanted to buy.  The problem is that I do not have any money but it was fun window shopping with family. I hope that we do that again, and if you have any cars that you want to advertise on


my blog, send me a picture.  I want to show  you the ones that I took.   Here they are 12966013_996754203707334_1628265737_n12987908_996754190374002_1768367106_n12992095_996754207040667_1586718637_n











Saturday, I went to the Auto fair with my family.  I never been to one before so I was really curious.  But  three hours later, I was amazed at the fun we had.  I had fun to see men acting like women at the mall.  Pointing and talking about the different cars that caught their eyes.  They also rushed to different tables to see different parts that might fit their car. they are not looking for car part to fit their every day cars, but the car that is in the garage.  The one that they work on with their friends and brag how good it looks when it’s  finished.  And the biggest job comes when they drive it down the street for everyone to see.  I never though about how much fun guys have working on their babies.  I got a up close and personal look at Charlotte Auto Fair.  I was also amazed at these nice cars that were at the show.  I took some pictures so you can see for yourself why man love iron.

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