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We are our worst enemies when it comes to taking care of ourselves.  The only way we can change our life is to drop all of the baggage that we are carrying.  The Holiday season is coming up, so I thought it would be a great time to detox not just our bodies, but our minds and souls.  I will give helpful hints this month to help us to drop that baggage and get ready to start anew.

Detoxing our mind to keep our selves calm and to stay healthy. Our bodies needs detoxing to stay healthy.  We need to detox our faith to make sure that we have a relationship with God.  Detoxing is a needed process. Here is what we will do in the month of November:


We identify and rid our brain of negative thoughts.  We will not be able to eliminate all of them but we can control as many as possible.


We will find natural remedies to rid our bodies of any harmful toxins.  We will find remedies with immediate results and we will find remedies  to use regularly.


We will find scripture to helps us to identify and rid any sins.  It is written that we all fall short of the glory, so we know we will still make mistakes.

The purposes of detoxing is to make sure that we are not full of negativity.  It does not mean that we will not let the negativity  control us.  This will help us live a happier and healthier life.  You will let go of the old, move on with your life, and build healthy relationships.  Drop the bull and work on changing your life


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