Cast Your Burdens to God

Why do we worry about our finances when God supplies all of our needs.  God wants us to cast our burden on him so we will not worry.  God has shown us threw his son that he is magnificent  After everything that he has shown us and done for us, we still doubt him.


All we have to do is cast our worries unto the Lord because he has already paid the price, so we will not have to worry.  We do not have to worry because Jesus paid the ultimate sacrifice.  We do not have to fear what the outcome will be because we have God’s promise that he will never forsake us.


We doubt God because we are afraid of not getting what we want.  God only give us what we need.  He do not grant us wishes like a genie.  We are anxious because we do not know if God approve of all of our wants.  We get anxious because we want it quickly.  We do not want to wait on the Lord .


We become fearful of not being able to get our wants.  We think that we have not gain God’s love, so he is punishing us.  We concentrate on our fears and we develop anxiety and depression.  We keep think, “ What have we done wrong?”  God is forgiving, so it doing wrong will not stop our blessing.  Not asking for forgiveness and doubts stops us from our blessings.


We have to continue to take our burdens to the God and leave them there.  We have to be grateful for what we have and wait on God for our wants.  One way we can cast away our fears is to write it down on a piece of paper and throw the paper away.  We can also leave the paper at the alter.  When God delivers us, we can jolt in our journals the victory.  If we concentrate on our blessing, we will stop concentrating on our fears.  


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