Carefree Tuesday

Stress and anxiety is common today. We are so busy with our everyday lives that we forget to stop and smell the roses. A study was done using meditation and aromatherapy, and Author Redstone wrote, “Results indicated a 32.9% reduction in stress and 32.6% reduction in anxiety levels. Additionally, 98.8% of participants reported decreased ratings of both stress and anxiety.”

This procedure does not take a long time. You can burn aromatherapy candles while soaking and you can meditate in the tub. You can also meditate between commercial.  You can buy lotion or oil that helps with relaxing,.  You can meditate while doing the laundry, while the kids sleep, and on your breaks at work. Be careful with the relaxing lotions and oils art work because you might go to sleep.

If you need motivation, put up reminders. You can use  your phone calendar app to set reminders or buddy up with a friend for encouragement.  The most important thing to remember is not to stress yourself.  You will defeat the purpose of  relaxing.

Stress is a big thing. It can affect your health and your mental state. Just think about it, this procedure can save you a trip to the hospital, or stop you from cussing someone out for no reason. It will help you stay off  medication for depression or mental illness. The more you relax yourself. The better you will feel, so try this combination and reduce stress.


Redstone, L. (2015). Mindfulness meditation and aromatherapy to reduce stress and anxiety. Archives of

                Psychiatric Nursing, 29(3), 192. doi:10.1016/j.apnu.2015.03.001


Spa still-life with stacked of stone and burning candles, close-up.

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