Can you stand the rain? ( Matthew 8:26)

I love the rain.  I was born in April and the rain helps me to reflex and relax, but rain also scares me.  Everyone is looking at Hurricane Florence to see what destructions is left behind.  It is scary for everyone one in the Carolinas.  All week people have been buying food, generators, and more to get ready for this storm.  I wish that we would ready for my life storms like this.  If we prepare ourselves for life storms, we will be able to use our problems to help us grow.  Let’s compare how we got prepared for Hurricane Florence to see if we use the same preparations with our life storms.

We buy food

                Words of wisdom are the food that we need to weather life storms.  We need to fill up on the word of God to help us remember that this storm will not defeat us.  This is just a part of life that we need to grow.  We also need to feed on positive and spiritual things. There is always a silver lining in every situation.  Find that silver lining and focus on it.

We buy generators

                We need a generator to help us with electricity.  Electricity supports us in so many ways.  Electricity can help us stay cool or warm.  It helps us to prepare and store our food.  We need the same help during our life storm.  We need help to stay cool, so we can make a rational decision.  We need to store up positive thoughts and faith.  We need a shoulder to cry on when we are ready to give up.  We need God.  His light and grace is our generator.

Life storms can damage us in the worst way, so get prepared today so you won’t drown during the storm.

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