Calling all Faith Seekers!

This month I am making another changed to my blog.  I am choosing Bible verses and then I am finding ways to apply them to our lives.  Too many times we go to Church and that’s it.  We have to make sure that we are allowing God to work in our lives every day.  This way we will be able to build a community of Faith Seekers.


The mind posts will help us to find ways to deal with certain situations.  It may be breathing techniques, controlling our emotions, or focusing on other alternatives.  Mindfulness means that we are aware of our surroundings and in control.  When we are award of our surroundings, we can apply God’s teachings.  God will help us to stay in control of our thoughts, actions, and responses.  We can build better relationships and we can help others with their faith.



                               Our bodies are our temples.  Today everyone wants to go Vegan.  This started years ago.    Our ancestors did not have the money that we have today and could not afford to buy meat.  They ate a lot of veggies and bread.  Bread is not great, but it filled them up and it was inexpensive.  They use a lot of natural herbs because they could not afford to go to the hospitals.   I will find veggie recipes, herbal remedies, and more to keep our bodies balanced.


                               Even if you do not believe, you need encouraging words and wisdom.  We need encouragement because there are so many weapons thrown at us.  Money, mental illness, crime, and low self esteem are just a few.   To fight these, weapons we have to ban together, so let’s build a community of Faith Seeker.   Sunday posts will be the same. They will be filled with encouragement and wisdom.

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