Build your self-confidence (Matthew 27)

It hurts when we are criticized by our family, bosses, co-workers, and others.  How do we handle our emotions when someone criticizes us?   I want to suggest that you build a list.  I want to call it a “self-confidence list”.  You have to listen carefully to critical words.  This might hurt, but you can learn what behaviors sparked the criticism.  This one behavior does not define who you are, but your response does show how you handle yourself during a conflict.

Be Honest

                Do not write untruths.  If you are not a bodybuilder, do not put it on the list.  You are the only one that will read this list, so who are you trying to impress.  You need to add to the list when you remember a quality that is not on it.  You can also change the list.  This list is to be used as a reminder and if you put something down that is not true, you will not remember.

It does not have to be big

You might have not saved a person from a burning building, but you are still valuable.  You may have helped someone cross the street.  This means that you are thoughtful.  You might keep a neat house.  This means you are a great organizer and you are very neat.   Write down any positive behaviors.

Memorize the List

                Go over your list daily. When someone throws shade, you can think of something positive that you did.  When you feel that you are not worthy, you can think of your good qualities.  This will help you to overlook critical people.  You will build your self-confidence if you focus on your strengths.

Use this list to build your self-confidence.  You a lot of positive qualities so don’t stop building your listing.


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