Boost Your Confidence

We have to make sure that we boost our self confidence.  When we have negative thoughts about ourselves, we started beating up ourselves and become depress or worst.  We are were made by God do not make junk.  It does help us when we put ourselves down about our short comings or our past.

We protect our love ones, but forget about protecting ourselves.  We all see people who are addicted to drugs, sex, or other vices. They do this because of past hurts, fears, and doubt.  These people feel that they are not worthy of love from themselves or anyone else. Our negative emotions can  crush our confidence.  We have to take control of our emotions so we can stay confident and happy.

Meditate on something positive about yourself everyday.  You can think about something that you accomplished like getting a raise at work. You can think about a happy time in your life like a birthday, wedding, or birth of your child.  There are a lot of things that you have done that is positive and will these memories will remind you how blessed your are.

If you list your great qualities, you will see that your minor flaws.  You have to build your confidence to stay mindfulness.  When you concentrate on negative thoughts, you think about problems that you cannot change.  If you keep your thoughts in the present, you are able to find solutions to your current situation.  This will help you more confident to face other problems in your life.

You can meditate on your positive qualities everyday, but make sure you do not become conceded.  You want to be confident, so you can build relationships, feel good about yourself, and help others.


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