Be a good team player? ( Matthew 4: 18-22)

It is not okay to hurt others.   No one should bully, insult, or physically hurt anyone.   We have seen and heard this time and time again, but we still see massive shootings and other crimes.  This problem might never be solved before Jesus’ return, but we can bring down some statistic numbers by treating others better than we treat ourselves.  This is the only way to be part of a team.  Here are three ways to stop the hate.

It’s not important

Survey the situation.  Everyone needs food, shelter, and clothes.  If you and your loved ones have all the necessities, you are blessed.  If the person you are dealing with poses no threat to you or your loved ones, leave it alone.  You are losing more by trying to hurt them.  When you do negative things, you are raising your blood pressure and stressing.  It is better to do nothing than to do evil.

Agree to disagree

We all fall short, so it’s okay to be wrong.  In order to meet goals, you have to list objectives.  If you have an open mind and agree to disagree, you will be able to plan for stumble blocks or obstacles.  Find ways to get diamonds out of the rough and you will treat others with respect.     You can disagree without hurting others.

We are different

                Everyone has a gift from God.  That gift is to be used, so do not exclude anyone.  When you bring out the best in a person, that gift will be available to you.  It is boring to experience the same thing all the time.  Be adventurous and hang out with people who are different, but do not treat them badly because they act differently.

Remember teamwork is the dream work, so be a team player.


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