Staying in Auto Pilot

We all have to work on staying mindful.  It is great to dream, so never stop dreaming, but we have to beware of what is around us. Please, don’t go around looking over your shoulder, but do stay in Autopilot.    This is so important for your mind, body, and soul.  If you take care of what is going on at the moment, you will get more accomplish with less stress.  So let’s see what Autopilot is.

Mental autopilot is a state of mind where we let our instincts and automatic habits take the reins of life.  You have to think before you speak and you have to control your emotions also.  This is why you have to be aware of what is going on around you, so you can use your natural instincts. Next let’s look at ways to stay in autopilot.


This simply technique is so important because you can do it anywhere.  Do a one minute meditation technique.  Sit up straight in a chair and close your eyes.  Study your breathing.  You do not have to control your breathing.  Focus your attention on your breathing flow.  If your mind warders bring your attention, back to your breathing.  Do not criticize yourself because your mind wandered.   Believe it or not, you will be calmer after using this method.  So use it anytime and anywhere.


When you get time, sit and write down different reactions to different situations.  Write these notes on posted notes or cut small sheets of paper to write on.  Post these notes which I called Tags everywhere.  This can be a constant reminder of how you need to use your natural reactions to as many situations as possible.  When you are address certain issues you will stay calm and cool.

Be natural and free

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