Ask for a raise – Negotiating Part I


Since I decided to post about mouth control this month, I thought that I should post about negotiating on Money Mondays.  After recent events, we all need a lesson on how to negotiate.  Today I am going to talk about how to negotiate a raise.  It is important that you have a great relationship with your boss. You do not have to love them, but you have to be able to communicate with them.  If you had an argument with your boss, sit down, and talk with them about the argument.  Make sure that the issue has been resolved, and wait until the right time to pitch your raise. You have to show that you are an asset to the company.  Do not be a kiss up because some bosses do not like that.  You have to be reasonable.  If you make 10 an hour, you cannot ask for 20 an hour.  You have to do some research to see what salary is right for your position.  You can reach out to your HR person or department, so you can carefully look at the job descriptions.  Use your job description to help you sharpen your skills.  You also need to research your company profile.   This will help you pitch how you are an asset to the company.  Practice what you are going to say with a friend or family.  Keep your voice at an even friendly tone.  Make eye contact.  Don’t talk about your coworkers or their salaries. Finally, do not threaten to leave or get emotional.  Negotiating means that you make an offer and your boss makes an offer.  If they do not want to give you a raise, ask why and when you both can talk again..  If they do not give a day, you offer one.  Say something like, “Well, can we talk in a month?”  If you can, make an appointment with them.  Make sure you have your pin and paper to jot down notes.  This is a meeting for your future, so do not go unprepared.  Use these steps and you should see a pay increase.



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