Are you throwing shade?

A new trend that is going on today is throwing shade. Someone says something derogatory to you, and then you have to say something derogatory back. This can be done in fun, but sometimes someone’s feelings can be hurt. I am not good at throwing shade because I communicate better with my hands than my mouth. I try to throw some shade with family and friends in fun. I like to hear the remarks because some of them are really funny.  No one is hurt, and everybody is laughing. I hate to hear when someone throws shade to hurt others. I do not like it when people use these remarks to make a person feel like they are a weakling. I have had this kind of shade thrown at me too often. I sometimes try to throw some back, but it gets messy. I am always overreacting because I take insults personally. I know that I shouldn’t because who are they to judge me? When I try to throw shad back, my blood pressure goes up, and I still do not say what I really want to say. So, is throwing shade a good thing?   I found a verse in the Bible that will help us. Proverbs 16:24 states, “Gracious words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones.  I am so glad that this verse clears this up because I do not like throwing shade. I like uplifting people. I like to see people get ahead in life. My opinion is that it is enough to go around, so why not help someone else? Why not say something nice? You can be the instrument that helps God heal this person. So think before you throw shade. You get temporary satisfaction by hurting people, but you can live life in eternity by saying something sweet as honey.

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