Are you in control? (Romans 7: 14-25)

This month I have been posting about anger management.  Many of us keep reacting the same way to certain situations. We are stuck on stupid. We have to change.  Being mindful of all our actions and behaviors will help us to develop positive processes. We don’t have to continue to make the same mistakes.  Life is a series of processes and we have to learn which ones to use. Being upset or mad all time is not healthy, so let’s find new ways to stay in control of our emotions.

Pay attention to people  

Some people want to be around people who look good.  This person might have a terrible attitude and when you are around them, you starting having a negative attitude. You start being mean to others.  This cycle keeps going until someone explodes.  You have to surround yourself around people who are good on the inside

Pay attention to your motives

If you need money, go out and work for it.  Anyone can get money.  It takes work, persistence, and faith.  Walking over people to get what you want is not a positive process.  Analyze your motives and what you want without hurting others.  God will send help, so don’t worry.

Think of others

If you truly help others you will be awarded.  You will be awarded from above, and this is a positive process.  You will grow when you help others.  Helping others will help you to take the focus off of yourself.

Positive processes

One has to pick more than one positive process to help with different situations. Try to help others and treat everyone right.  You need to pick positive people to reinforce your actions.  Don’t worry about money or other selfish goals.  Being positive helps one to stay in control of their emotions.

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