Are you doing too much?

We think when we do several righteous acts, God will love us more.  This is not true.  God never asked us to win his love. A prophet compared our righteous acts to “filthy rags”.  This shows that we can never do enough to win God’s love.  When we do too much, we waste energy on an impossible task.  Stop trying to win his love and start trying to encourage others to follow him. Here are two behaviors that we need to change.

Don’t take it personally

Unless you harmed someone, you are not responsible for every situation.  The only thing that any of us can control is our behaviors. Trying to make every situation right will only tired you out. Nothing will please you because every situation has to be perfect.  When one can look at life issues as a process, they can stop wasting time and energy.  Blessings are overlooked when a person tries to correct everything.  Grace brought us this far and grace will carry us through.

Don’t blame others

                The enemy loves to make us fight each other.  This gives him an edge.  He can sneak and destroy other parts of life when we are not practicing our faith.  Love is the strongest weapon that we have.  Love for our fellow man will heal wounds and defeat Satan.  Even if the person did something wrong, forgive and help them.  Do not make that person feel bad about the situation.  This is a “lose-lose” situation for everyone involved.  Stop doing and start loving.

We must humble ourselves before God.  He does not want anything from us.  He does not need us.  We need him.  In order for us to stop, we must study the word.  The Bible teaches humbleness.  God has never forsaken us, so stop overdoing.


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