Are you breathing right?

Using the correct breathing technique is important.  If you are trying to go to sleep and your breathing technique is for energy, you will be up all night.  It may seem like breathing exercises are simple, but you have to make sure that you are using the correct exercise.  Breathing can help you to become energized.  Everything is controlled by your mind, so make sure that you are breathing right.  Let’s look at exercises to help boost energy.

Pushing your stomach in

Holding your stomach helps to keep the air from filling up your stomach.  When you hold air in your stomach, you become relaxed.  It is best that the air leaves the stomach area quickly which will help you boost energy.

Breathing through your nose

Inhaling through your nose helps you to channel your breathing.  You want the air to travel from your nose to your mouth quickly.  You do not want to inhale through your mouth because this will relax you.  Breathe through your nose and channel it to your stomach.  Release the air from your stomach to your mouth.

Breathe like you are having a baby

During the Lamaze, women and men are supposed to breathe short quick breathes.  Pushing the air out helps to keep the mother energize and calm.  This gives the mother positive energy.  They will be calm, but they will not get tired during the contraction.  She is not supposed to meditate, but push air out of her mouth quickly.

Do not meditate 

You do not need to meditate when you are trying to boost your energy.  Your goal is to feel energetic.  Do not think about anything.   Meditating and breathing exercises are not the same.  Meditation helps you to stay centered.  Breathing exercises help you to accomplish certain goals like boosting energy.

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