Are you a winner or loser? ( Romans 7: 14-25)

I have heard, “the battle is not yours” several times over the years.  Today I understand why winning the war is all we can do as humans. We satisfy the flesh and then your souls.  This is a backward move because we leave a door open for Satan. Our bodies are important, but our souls have to be fed too, so we can be strong enough to fight.  I am focusing on three tools that we need to be soldiers in God’s army.


Communicating with God is important.  Talking with him will let him know your feelings and your attention.  God already knows our intentions, so he does not need us to tell him anything.  We need to confess our hopes, fears, thoughts, and sins.  This will helps us remember that God is in charge and we cannot do anything without him.  We have to use this tool to survive Satan’s attacks.


Listen for an answer to our prayers.  God does talk to us and we have to seek his guidance.  The Holy Spirit is a guide and we have to use this tool. Using tools of the flesh leaves us empty and weak.  Satan can walk over us and move on to a real challenge because we are not putting up a fight.  Fight a good fight by listening to the word of God. Let the Holy Spirit guide you.


Don’t do anything.  I mean nothing.  This is a great tool because we are not reacting or overreacting to negative situations.  If we are letting God guide us, we are not doing fleshy things.  People like being overachievers, but we need to be Christians first.   The rest will come to us, so chill.

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Use these tools, so you can focus on the soul and win. 


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