Are you a part of a team? ( Matthew 4:18-22)

Jesus organized a team of disciplines.  He knew that when we all come together as one, we will be able to accomplish God’s will.  We have to work with others.  When we are doing everything alone, we lose.  Working with others helps us to stay balanced and grow.  Here are the ways teams help us.


I love to praise him.  When you are around other worshipers, you feel the Holy Spirit.  A spiritual team should help you to grow closer to God.  You are supposed to feel free to cry, dance, pray, or shout around other faith warriors.  A spiritual team should not be judgmental or bias.  They should focus on doing God’s will.  Jesus’ team was able to spread his story to others which help build the church.



                You have to talk to someone.  This can be family, friends, or professionals.  Releasing negative thoughts or emotions are important to our mental health.  Please find people who you can trust with your personal business.  You get a different perspective on your situation when you confide in others.  If you have some deep mental problems, find a professional.  You will grow when you face what binds you. Find mental support.



                I have lost the most weight when I had an exercising buddy.  An exercising class or team sport is a great way to meet people and get encouragement.  You get different ideas on how to lose weight.   You can swap recipes and diet tips.  Losing weight is fun when there is more than one.

If you are not on any of these teams, join one now.   Socializing is a healthy way to stay mindful.  You do not want to be a sociopath where you stay under lock and key. Go out, meet others, and have fun.

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