Are you a dog or a person?

I know I am off topic because I am supposed to be talking about children, but when I was reading my Bible study, and I came across a different concept.  The writers were expressing that they would rather deal with dogs than people because dogs are loyal, nice, and obedient.  Whereas people are difficult.  Right now I am experiencing how hard it is to get along with people.  I get shade thrown at me and I do know why.  I am a sensitive person, so things like this hurts my feelings.  I know a person’s opinion is superficial, but I am human.  So how do we show love to people who treat us like dirt?  I found the answer, and I want to share it with you.  “Romans 12” is the answer.  We have to let God work it out.  We have to pray to him for guidance and healing.  I have been dealing with a bad situation with a person for a long time with no resolution.   I will now pray, wait, and  love.  Read Romans 12 and learn how to treat others with kindness and love in every situation.  It is hard, but with his help, we can make it happen.

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