Apps can help with tracking your health

Apps can help as a tracker and reminder when your are trying to improve your health.  Dink 8 cups of water; eat at least 4 healthy snacks, and exercise for at least 30 minutes. Make sure that you get some fiber in your diet today.  To make sure that you keep up with the improvements with your body, you need help. Find some apps that will help you with your goals.  There are apps that helps count calories, remind you to drink water, and give you low calorie recopies.  There are apps for everything today.  All you have to do is search your Apps store on Iphone and Google Play Store on your Androids.  Ogle (2017)  wrote, ” It’s no longer tucked away in your local yoga studio. It’s in public spaces in downtown Miami, where hundreds recently gathered to meditate together. It’s in books and online videos, on apps you can download on iTunes.”  It is always better when you have something or someone to help in courage you to stay on track.  With modern technology, everything is at the tips of your finger, so use it.  Do not relay on your memory because you have enough to worry about.  I use Samsung S Health on my cellular.  It tells me when how active I was and give me hints now how to more active.  It also have a notification feature that reminds you to drink water.  The app also have tips on how to curve your calories  I use S Health more now because I am trying to loose weight, but this app is good for loosing weight and staying healthy.  I also use a bible app to research scripture call “You Version”.  This app has a lot plans to help you study your Bible.   There are a lot of other apps that you can use, so do your research and find an app to help your live healthy and happy.


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