All is Well

  1. Mind- the Decision– This plan is design to enhance your life. You have to make a decision to follow through.  One thing that will hinder you from finishing the plan is being too anxious.  We have to learn patience.   I have learned through the years that some people are born with patience and some are not.  I am not, so I have to practice it every day.  I fail some days, but I win some days.  You have to put patience in your Journal.  You have to pay close attention to your emotions, and remember you have to be patient.  Hay (1994) wrote, “All is well.  I have everything I need.”  I want you to meditate on this sentence today.  If you have food to eat, a place to sleep, and you are healthily, all is well. If you have decided to change your life, change it, but remember it is not going to be easy.
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