A Special Ree’s Review

The word "VOTE" written in vintage ink stained letterpress type.

Was this a reality show, or a presidential debate?


It is always exciting to see fighting on television, but this is not a reality television show, this is a Presidential Debate. The Presidential Debate topic about Foreign Policy brought on different views. Some blamed the president, others blamed the Republican Party, and some wanted to declare war. What is the answer on how to control ISIS? I do not think there was a clear answer, but one thing we know for sure is that this is a big problem. So which Republican candidate had the right answer? Does blaming President Obama helps find the answers to this worldwide problem? The current government has had it highs and lows, but the new president has to come in with a plan to deal with the ISIS issue. They must learn from the former government to make sure that they do not make the same mistakes. They also have to see what the current government is doing right, so they can continue that policy. Does invading American’s privacy help the problem? This will not help the problem because we need to make sure that all Americans is treated the same. We should work with all Americans to find a solution. Should we appoint dictators to govern in certain foreign countries? America has tried that and it does not work. Every time America tries to place dictators, the citizens of the other countries think that America is trying to take over their country. When this happens, we see more murders, and bombing. This makes the problem worst.

We did hear a lot of opinions, but really no clear idea on how will these candidates deal with the foreign policy, especially ISIS. I want all of you to look at the candidate’s website to see where they really stand on foreign policy before you vote.

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