A Call for Action

Everyone Matters written on chalkboard

I have been avoiding the news because it has been so sad. In the Chicago area, an innocent woman was killed. The police said that it was an accident. A mentally ill young man who was killed is also a tragedy. When I was a little girl, people who were mentally ill were treated with kitten gloves. If the police was called, an ambulance was called too. They would put the person in the ambulance, and take them to the hospital. Now they just shoot. These killings have to stop. Accident or not, the police have to take other measures. They are the ones who are supposed to protect us, and if they are not protecting us, why are we paying them? Remember, police officers work for the government. This means you and I are paying their salaries, so they have an obligation to make sure that we are safe. The problem with these shootings is that most people label them racial. This situation is not a black or a white situation, but a human situation. These shootings are against our society. Our society is built on law and order. These are handled by two different organizations. If the law kills the defendants, then the court system cannot maintain order. There will be no needs for judges, attorneys, or jails. No jails would be a good thing, but we do not want to empty the prisons, and fill the graveyards. I am going to do some research on some civil rights organizations, so we all can get involved.  I am going to call this segment, “A Call for Action”. I hope you get involved by joining  a civil rights organization to stop the killings.










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