Donald Trump – Really?

I have said it one time before. Donald Trump, really? I have to say it again and again for people to really look at this man before voting for him. Donald Trump spoke badly about President Barak Obama. He felt that he had the right to voice his opinion, so why are you so upset about others voicing their opinions.  You are running for the president of the United States. The constitution was written before you were born. This document promotes for the people and by the people. You are trying to move America backwards, not forward. You are not promoting togetherness. We do not need another Civil War because more Americans died in the Civil War than any other war.   Donald Trump told a protester to get a job . I want to tell him to get educated. African Americans have been working though out history. From the cotton fields to domestic positions, and now we are holding professional jobs, African Americans do work. Trump needs to take an African American History course before he picks an African American running mate. America is not stupid. We know the difference between a trouble maker and a president. Stop with the shade throwing, and talk about issues that are important to America like jobs, the economy, and foreign trade. I do not care if you are a racist, but I do care about what direction America is going. I have to say it again. Donald Trump, really?

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