Manage your stress


One way to relieve stress is to breathe. Some deep breathes that flows through your throat down to your stomach and come out of your mouth.  Controlling your breathing is very important because it helps your overall being.   When you are very stress about the situation, write it down, and try to concentrate on something else.  If it is an emergency, you have the deal with the situation right now.  If it is not an emergency, give yourself at least five minutes before dealing with it.  Another meditation technique I want to practice is sounds and thoughts meditation.  Concentrate on the sounds that are happening around you.  Sounds can easily distract you, so it is a great way to stop concentrating on your stressful issue.  After listening for about five minutes, then let your thoughts come back to your mind.  But don’t stress over it.  Williams et. al. (2011) wrote,“ Let your thoughts come and go on their own, just as you did the sounds.”  If you are calm, will find inner peace and find a solution or resolution.  That is better than you stressing yourself to death.


Drink 8 cups of water; eat at least 4 healthy snacks to keep you from becoming hungry. Make sure that you get some fiber in your diet today.  Beef up your exercise today.   Exercise helps control stress.  There are also some foods that will help reduce stress.   Oatmeal, whole grain products, a pinch of sweets like chocolates, and oranges are just a few to help reduce stress.  Yesterday I gave a list of herbs that helps calms you.  These herbs will be great to use for stress.  Go to bed early.  Turn off the television and lights


Williams, M. and Penman, D.,  Mindfulness, An eight – week plan for finding peace in a frantic world, Rodale Books, (p.146-147).   

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