Listening ( James 1:19, Luke 11:28, and Jeremiah 29:12 )

Listening skills are important tools to use to accomplish any goals in life.  If we take the time to listen to others, we will go far.  I feel that I am a compassionate person, so I am ready to express my feelings at a drop of a dime.  This is not a good way to be, but I have changed my life.  I need to change my listening habits to bring on harmony.  Having a better understanding will help us to communicate effectively.  Listening will help you calm your nerves if you listen with an opened ear.  Here are some steps to help you to stop and listen.

Just Breath

We can use any breathing technique to listen.   Practice makes perfect. I closed my eyes for one minute at work and I listened to my surroundings.  Another great way to sharpen your listening skills is to listen to music.  When you are talking about difficult things, try to keep your mind open.  Only answer questions that do not upset you.  Listen more and talk less.  Count how many breaths you take and make sure that you are calm.

Sleep on it

If you find that you are becoming angry, tell the person you need time to think about the situation.   Do not continue to talk about the situation when you are upset.  This will only escalate the problem.  Wait until you are calm and level-headed.  If you need, ask someone else to come to mediate the conversation.  Do not worry when you are sleeping.  Pray before you sleep and ask for guidance from God.  When you let God guide you, you will be able to take care of the situation in a peaceful manner.  Stay mindful and use your listening skills to create peace.



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